NIGHT VISION Precision Rifle Scope D-740 (4x) Gen-2 SHP DEP

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NIGHT VISION Precision Rifle Scope D-740 (4x) Gen-2 SHP DEP

Postby Clutch » Tue Nov 28, 2006 8:07 pm

After listening and reading from many folks who quite can’t afford a NV Rifle scope with a Gen 3 device, but still wanted quality, we've finally found it! As you know we would never sacrifice quality and sell sub-standard gear, thus the reason it has taken me so long to find a quality product. Well, we finally have found the tube and quantities needed to fulfill your requests, and that is the new Gen 2 SHP (Super High Performance) SHP DEP tubes. As you all know, we're VERY picky on tube quality and I was very skeptical to stock a Gen 2 product. Seeing is believing, and after powering up the newest D-740, these are the closest tubes to a Gen 3 unit, rated at 5,000hrs. Their cosmetics are fantastic with very high signal to noise ratios. The biggest difference you will see is the greenish tint of the image vs. the Gen 3 yellow tint. We will now be selling these in the D-740 configurations, as well as in the 6015 and MUM monoculars. You can see a great review here of the D-740 Gen-2 SHP from WES1 with some great pics and a very funny story in the next thread.

Here are the specs for the D-740 Gen 2 SHP units. Some NV pics are listed below the Gen 3 shots.

D-740 (4x) Gen 2 SHP Specifications
·Maximum Recoil Rating - .375 H&H, .50 BMG and .416 Rigby
·Image Intensifier - Generation 2+ DEP
·Resolution - 51-64+ lp/mm
·Magnification - 4x
·Lens System -100mm f1.5
·FOV - 10˚
·@1000 yards - 574’
·@1000 meters - 175 meters
·Range of Focus - 33’ to infinity 10m to infinity
·Detection Range - 1395’ 425 meters
·Recognition Range - 1148’ 350 meters
·Reticule Type - Mil-Dot (illuminated red-on-green)
·Windage/Elevation Adjustments - ¼ MOA/click
·@100 yards - 1/4”/click
·Diopter Adjustment - +3 to -4
·Weather Resistant/ Water Proof
·Camera/Camcorder Adaptable - No
·IR Illuminator - Yes (optional)
·Battery Type/Life - AA(x2)/60 hours
·Dimensions - 9” x 3.5” x 4”229mm x 89mm x 102mm
·Weight - 38 oz 1.1 kg
·Operating Temperature -40° F to 122° F-40°C to +50°C
·Warranty - 2 years

Here are some Pics of the D-740 Gen 2 SHP at 200m. (Notice the fine resolution of the D-740...You can see the dot of the reticle over the center of the target at 200m!)

Here is some pics of the 740 with a new MRP

Here is a pic of the 760 and the 740 together on a few platforms to give you some size comparisons

The 740 listed here is simply the best pound-for-pound units out there for the money reaching out and touching something! I’ve worked with these units for far too long to expect anything less and I’ve also worked with the VERY high dollar units as well. You will be VERY happy with the D-740.
Victor Di Cosola
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Postby Clutch » Tue Nov 28, 2006 8:10 pm

Here is a great shootin' report and funny story! Thanks Wes!

"Crazy weekend at the ranch, freaking pigs everywhere.Friday night I was scanning(D740 ) the wheat fields behind the house and saw a large group of pigs about 1100 yards out.(almost full moon)So, I started walking( in flipflops) towards them, I lay down prone about 250 yards and shoot the largest one( over 200 pounds), then chaos insues.Pigs running eveywhere, the big one which I hit ran back in the brush line, dissappearing into the night.I went back the next morning, and followed blood until she crossed on to another ranch, never found it.
Fast foward to Saturday evening,I headed out to another wheat/milo field as the Sun set, and parked on the edge(The roof of my Ford Crew Cab makes a great shooting platform) and waited for dark.After about a hour of stareing at cows, 20 or more pigs came out west of me and a stock tank.I sprinted to the tank dam with a camera, and my AR/D740.I snapped some pics and waited.The pigs moved right into the cattle.So I went back to truck and waited.The pigs were at my 12 o'clock and moving east(but still in with the cows)I was scanning the field with my PVS14 and to my left at 200 yards pops up a coyote.I scrambled to get my camera and take a few pics thru the D740, then pow no more yote.The shot didn't bother the pigs or cows, guess the suppressor works.Once the pigs cleared the cows I shot, two, then a third as it ran towrds me, I shot it at less than a 100 yards.I then put my gear up and drove back to the ranch house.Once there I "had" to scan behind the house again, and guess what, more pigs at the same place as the night before.But this time I had on boots and pants.I grabbed my PVS 14 and rifle then head out with the wife in tow.We walked within 300 yards and watched, that's when she informed my she took out her contacts eariler.(great, a blind, half drunk red head in the middle of wheat field full of pigs)Needless to say she wasn't much of a spotter.I shot a large sow and she went down hard.(the pig, not my wife)NOW it gets crazy.All but 1 pig ran off in different directions, it was around 30-40 pounds, making a hell of alot of noise.Then out of no where comes a coyote and starts attacking the lone pig, the fight insues(all while I am watching thru my D740)It was simply amazing watch the coyote and pig go at it, finally the coyote got the juggular and the squelling stopped.I let the coyote walk out of respect.
I will post some pics tomorrow,( camera cables at office)Sorry but I didn't get any pics of the fight, or morning after pics(Buzzards beat me to it)"

PVS14 view of the tractor
Pigs going behind cows
PVS 14 view of cows and pigs
Last three pics just before the shooting started
Victor Di Cosola
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Postby mongo223 » Mon Apr 16, 2007 12:52 am

Nice pics, detail on the tractor is awesome!
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Postby nightstalker » Sat May 05, 2007 2:46 am

wow that is ridiculas..suposed to be night time lol..good pics.
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Re: NIGHT VISION Precision Rifle Scope D-740 (4x) Gen-2 SHP

Postby GBMaryland » Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:01 am


I had a White Phosphor version of this scope in my hands with a 67lp/mm and 20.5 S/N.

Interestingly, it seems better in terms of scintillation than some comparable US Gen 3 tubes I've got. ...and there was a ~10dB S/N difference.

That is not to say the the Gen 3 units didn't pull up more light in low light conditions, but the DEP tube was very nice.
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