Advices for relay lens design

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Advices for relay lens design

Postby lysergic » Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:09 am


I'm looking for a way to use a non inverting tube in a 1:1 monocular design.
I looked at schematics to design a relay lens between the screen.


I ordered a set of 20mm double convex lenses, 11mm focal length, and I planned to

Screen <--- 11 mm ---> first lens <--- 11 mm ---> second lens <--- 11 mm ---> pvs5 ocular

Unfortunately, quick first attempt (without any decent lens holder tube) appeared to get inverted image, but with severe barrel distortion.

Do you have any advice to build such an inverting system ?

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Re: Advices for relay lens design

Postby Stanley » Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:06 am

Cool project Nicolas!

The spacing between the two biconvex lenses should be at least double the focal distance of the lens.

first lens <--- spacing distance =/> 22 mm ---> second lens.

Probably best to fix the first lens and adjust the spacing of the second lens.

If you remove the PVS-5 ocular and use the biconvex second lens to adjust focus/diopter.

Don't know if this helps as your issue may be more related to the diameter and surface curvature of each lens.
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