Is This the best British 3 stage gen1 ever made meet TWIGGY

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Is This the best British 3 stage gen1 ever made meet TWIGGY

Postby rabbitman » Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:39 am

Recently I saw a broken giant night sight/telescope described as not working on ebay for very little money.I won it.
Sweated a week while it was sent insured for £100 by the seller (not me) through the post.What arrived was a non working Twiggy.
On dismantling the unit the front window and photocathode from the Image Intensifier Tube fell into my hand.Easy diagnosis.A quick trip to Anchor Supplies and a suitable IIT tube was sourced a P8079HP which runs on 6Vdc.It was a very snug fit.Next the unit ran originally on an Army 6.75 volt battery which are as rare as hens teeth.So another quick trip this time to maplins for a 4 x AA battery holder with a PP3 battery connector and wiring.
This fitted nicely inside the old battery compartment,all I needed to do was drill a small hole through into the switch compartment and solder two wires in.Instant cheap 6 volt supply.
Designated L4A1 these were made by Rank Industries in the early 1970's.Based on a design from 1968 by the Signal Research and Development
Establishment in Christchurch.They were used as Battlefield Night Vision for Commanders,Mortar Teams and Swingfire Missile Detachments.I am also aware that they were used in Observation Posts during the Northern Ireland troubles as unlike early Generation 2 equipment the image was bright enough to be photographed.
The Twiggy weighs 22lbs is just under 2 foot long stands approx 15 inches tall on its own tripod and has a front lense diameter
of around 8 1/2 inches.It uses the same EEV P8079HP 3 stage Generation 1 image intensifier as the Individual Weapon Sight (IWS)
used by the British Army at that time.Twiggy was not constrained by having to be weapon mounted hence the huge front lense.By having such a large front lense the most can be made of all the available light.(Double the lense area= 4 x light admitted)This gave the Twiggy a claimed useful passive range of 2500 meters.The IWS had a 30mm diameter front lense and a claimed useful range of 300meters.
Below are links to pictures of the Twiggy. ... gp5165.jpg ... gp5167.jpg ... gp5171.jpg ... 5172-1.jpg

To see what the Twiggy could do I took it to Covert Lane ,Scraptoft in the snow and photographed a farm approx 3/4 mile away through it
at 01.30am .see pic. ... /farm1.jpg

Then I revisited the spot in daylight and took a normal pic using a DSLR with a 50mm lense which roughly equates to a 70mm image.
See pic. ... mmdslr.jpg

Not bad for an antique eh!
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Postby InvaderZim » Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:36 am

Not bad at all! Nice photos of the unit and through the unit.

It's an interesting scope, is the tube 18mm or 25mm?
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Re: Is This the best British 3 stage gen1 ever made meet TWIGGY

Postby Boatswain » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:12 pm

Like it :D
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