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Postby Clutch » Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:12 pm

Novespr wrote:The rifle appears to be a Barrett REC 7 which is by no means a 1k gun. That said Vic, I own the same said rifle a was planning to drag it around hunting yotes w a 740. Was planning on putting a Magpul UBR on it but am curious of your thoughts as it appears youre running a PRS...

Actually, the rifle at that time was new in many areas. MSTN did the custom 6.8SPC upper and bolt with an ARMS SIR system which I still like because of the bi-level for large objective NV optics. The barrel is a Douglas 18" 1/11 and the rifle still shoots .5 MOA with hand loaded 110gr V-Max with Remington brass.

The stock was an early pre-production Magpul PRS I was testing early on before their official release.

I still use this rifle as my primary HOG killer. :D The PRS is still the best for what it does IMHO.
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