Another Nice Review of the Long Range ELR Torch! Dead HOG!

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Another Nice Review of the Long Range ELR Torch! Dead HOG!

Postby Clutch » Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:57 pm

Victor asked me a while back to post pics of the pigs I am hunting in south Texas, while using the fine equipment I purchased from him.

I had been remiss to do so lately, but I shot an especially fine hog the other night, and without the Torch VF, I never would have gotten this one! [^] I was hunting in the River bottom, with my GF, and she had already shot one about an hour earlier. There is such a thick canopy of trees at my place, that if there is no moon, it is very dark down in there. On nights like that, without the Torch, a PVS-14, Gen III still only allows you to see detail at around 75 or so yards. I like to place my shots carefully, and so I like to see the parts of the animal at which I am shooting. This night was cloudy and pitch dark.

A hog came in to the food plot I was "protecting," intending to root up the precious deer-food there, and he was obviously big, but without the Torch all I could make out was a big, black blob as he came towards us. I turned on the VF and adjusted the beam out to get maximum reach. Once he stopped and put his head forward, I could easily see details of his head, neck and his ear (which was where I wanted the bullet going). So, when he got to about 150 yards out, I launched a 110 grain Sierra Pro Hunter right behind his ear. THWOP....DRT

This setup just plain works:

ANPVS-14 (w 3x magnifier) behind Eotech 552 D1, with Da Torch VF, mounted on my VLTOR CASV-M, in the 1 O'clock position. The Ko-Tonics 6.8 SPC upper is light enough that the whole rig still only weighs about 8lbs. Not bad at all, even when carrying it. [;D]

Thumbs up to ya' my man....[(:)]

Victor Di Cosola
Tactical Night Vision Company
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