Another FINE review of the ELR Variable Torch!

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Another FINE review of the ELR Variable Torch!

Postby Clutch » Tue Sep 18, 2007 9:17 pm

Thought I would share a recent a great review of the variable ELR Torch!

IMPRESSIVE. I got my torch yesterday, and was surprised by how compact it is. I can never seem to judge size from photos, and this case was no exception. The body is metal, as well as the tailcap.

I was out the night before with my PVS-14, and it was very dark, so I knew conditions would be perfect to try out my new man toy. Though the moon is waxing, I was getting very little of the sliver through the canopy in my woods.

So, around 2330 last night, I put my skull crusher on, mounted the 14 and went outside. As soon as I turned on the Da Torch, I was whispering to myself in marvel. I did a quick scan for eyes, but didn't see any.

Da Torch is like using a normal flashlight with no night vision, only better. The "only better" part is the fact that you get all of the peripheral vision of daytime (though limited by the viewing area of the monocular) that you don't get with a normal flashlight at night. In my own woods, the range of my night vision is now extended to whatever shadow or depression or black pitch I point this light at. I had concerns (based on site photos), that the light would simply bloom off of leaves and branches. This was not the case at all. Wherever I pointed it, I got a penetrating view of the area.

The range on Da Torch is incredible. I walked out to the road and shined the light on a woods at least three hundred yards away. I didn't spend much time on the road because it became clear that Da Torch was outranging my own vision. Enough said.

I returned to my homestead and was walking around the side of the garage when I caught a flash by the left side of my head. With Da Torch, I was able to track it like an anti-aircraft battery. It was a bat. Later, I watched this (I presume the same one) bat hunt in my yard. I have a few pine trees on one edge of my yard and it was fluttering all along that line, under the droopy branches, in a figure 8 pattern, back and forth just about three or four feet off the ground. I had no idea that bats even flew that low to hunt (I have no idea why I thought this--it just seemed "unnatural"). I lit him up and followed him for about three solid minutes. In and out, weaving just inches away from the branches. Cooler yet, was the cast shadow, mirroring his flight on the leaves and branches behind him. It was like a special effect from some vampiric movie.

Though the bat was the only wildlife I saw last night, I am anxious to "light up" some animal eyes. I'm sure the first raccoon I scan will look like a neo-Nosferatu.

If I had to force myself to critique Da Torch in some way, it would be the three-and-a-half turns it takes to go from the two degree setting to eight degrees. I'm sure there might be a good reason for this, but the turning seemed excessive. Also, the waterproofing of Da Torch seems vague. There is no O-ring sealing the battery compartment, and I wonder how the lens is sealed.

Not to end on a downslide, I want to say that I was surprised by the windage and elevation adjustments available for rail mounting. This would be the extra hardware you see between the light itself and the rail clamp.

If you have night vision, but no Da Torch, get one. Really, it's like discovering the marvel all over again.

My Response....

Great review and thanks! Loved the story on the bat!! [:D] By the way you WILL see many critters eyes quite well. If I can dig the picture up, one of my favorite stories with da torch is while I was viewing through a D-760 at 200m. A hawk flew down atop one of my targets and was perched. I actually got a great snap shot of his right eye glowing as he turned into the beam of da torch!

In regards to the TRUE distance of da torch....I always deem the conservative side of the house with distance numbers since so many in the industry seemed to get (how should I say) a bit carried away with distance numbers! [;)] I have reported 500 yards plus with a D-760 6x and other folks have reported MUCH farther distances. Point is with every piece of optics I have used, da torch outshines my distance to see based on the optics I was using.

As for waterproofing? No, da torch is not water proof, just water resistant. Also, your points are well taken on amount of turns needed to go from 2-8 deg. I worked with the early prototypes and wanted to insure recoil would NOT inadvertently turn the focus ring. We found out the best compromise was to run courser threads and increased travel.

Thanks again for the report, you should see what the 12 deg torch is doing! [:P] I am trying to get an interests list going due to the minimum quantity buy needed. Also, the variable power switch IS available for all da torches as well. This was introduced with the 12 deg version, but will work with the other torches as well.


Edited to add....Here is a recent shot of da new 12 deg fixed (left) versus the variable torch! [:P]

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