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Gen1/ELR-vf review

Postby abynum1 » Sat Jan 20, 2007 1:44 pm

I recently purchased a Falcon Gen1 night vision rifle scope for varmit shooting at <100 yards.
The scope itself is fine for coyote size tarkets out to about 50 yds while using the built in IR.
Anything further than that is pushing it as it would be very hard to tell the difference between a coyote and a dog and the built in IR wont reach anyway.
As far as smaller targets, I shot a armadillo @38yds and thats about as far as you can get and still be able to identify the smaller targets.
Unless your shooting rats, you really dont need anything more than a gen 1 at 40 yds or less and thats w/no starlight.
However, If your wanting to reach out past 55-60 yds then you either need to step up to a gen2 or higher or buy an elr.
I decided to buy the elr-vf as I knew that I would upgrade to a gen2 or 3 in the future.
I got it from Victor (clutch) as he accepted paypal but Michael sells them as well for those of you who aren't making covert purchases behind enemy (wife) lines to avoid credit card trails :wink: .
I have to say its worth every penny!
I have been able to identify racoons at 65 yds.
I didnt have the detail I have at 30 yds but I could definitely tell it was a racoon and could have made the shot.
I set up a paper target at 100 yds and although I couldnt see any of the indivual circles in the targets, I was able to hit within the black area on the 3 shots I took.
The diameter of the target was 8"not bad although it is definitely not an acceptable shot group for a day scope.
The only reason I could do this was because of the contrast between the black target and the white paper.
If I turned off the ELR, I couldnt even see the paper.
The biggest obstacle to the longer ranges is the 2.5 magnification.
You could hit a coyote at 100 yds, but it may not be the best shot placement plus it may be hard to tell the difference between a coyote and similar type dog.
With a good prop,you could definitely get within the kill zone on a deer size target.
I set over my food plot last night and was able to identify every buck, 2 1/2 years or older, in the field out to about 150 yds although I couldnt really couldnt judge them to be shooters or not past about 70.
To sum it up,a gen 1, even with elr,still wont stand up to a gen2, but it aint bad for less than 100 yds.
I realize the ELR will reach out way past 100 yds but its overkill for the gen1 at that point because the scope wont pick anything up well enough to identify and take the shot.
Lastly I would like to say that I am by no means an expert on night vision, so please speak w/Michael or one of the other vets on this site before making a purchase!!!
Also, although I'm not an expert on night vision,I was an 11B with the 101st, and I live in MS where hunting is considered to be a religion.
Point being, I know how to use a rifle and may be considered an above average shot.
Therefore someone w/avg to less than avg shooting skills may need to subtract 10-20 yds off of my numbers.
Someone with more experience may get a little more distance.
Again, this review is for someone who cant really spend the money on a gen2 or higher and doesnt need to reach out past 100 yds.
Also keep in mind Michael sells and uses top of the line equipment so his standards are understandably a lot highr than mine.
So, if you want quality night vision thats gonna last a long time then ignore this post and speak with michael.
If your better half has made it clear that you would be better off asking her to jump off the house then spending 1500.00 or more on another toy, then this is a cheap alternative for closer ranges but definitely doesnt compare to the big boys.
If you do go with this setup for varmits then you need a good calling system and need to know how to use it as youre not going to be making any 150 yd coyote shots.You need to be good at getting them in close.
Hope this helps any of the other nubes out there.
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Postby nightstalker » Sat May 12, 2007 6:25 am

any pics?...just out of intest...(through the falcon)..
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