NEW MINI-14! I love it!!

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NEW MINI-14! I love it!!

Postby cake » Wed Sep 20, 2006 7:15 pm

Ok, broke down and bought the mini from my friend, couldnt help myself First thing, I love the ergonomics of this thing, just looking at it I have fallen in love w/ it. Got to try it in my apartment about 20 min ago. HOLY CRAP! The tube is as far as i can tell flawless. Before buying it I had only used it in the courtyard of his apt complex so never really got a feel for the tube quality. Stared at a white wall in my bathroom for about 5 min straight. There are 2 nearly invisible tiny tiny specs around the very periphery of this badboy. Aside from that there is a small circular blem that was also invisible to me outside, but was slightly more pronounced against the white wall. The resolution looks to be better than my PVS-14 but the most notable diff was the utter lack of blemishes. He didnt have a tube data card w/ it which disappointed me a little. This thing rocks, I really do like the feel of it better than my pvs. All those posts about minies that i have read on here couldnt have hit it more dead on, I love it. The real test for me however, will be looking through my dayscope and comparing it to my pvs/UniversalAdapter. This will decide which i keep and which i sell (I cannot justify having this much money tied up in NV for my seldom use). I know the mini is going to perform well, but i love having the adjustable gain to crank all the way up because light is much more scarce on the other end of a day scope. The headmount and how the mono is kind of qd is really cool (ive never had a "goggle setup" before. Likein it a little too much. Also, it is very easy to tell why these things are more waterproof than the pvs, seems like everything is double or triple or however many o-rings sealed. I have never and will never take NV in water or even out in the rain because i am so paranoid about my investment, but still like the piece of mind. All in all this is extremely impressive, the tube is marvelous to say the very very least. No complaints. Will be trying it out behind my dayscope this weekend, that should be a fun trick w/o a uni adapter, but i do not want to buy one just to figure out i like my pvs better for the job at hand and that i will now have to sell the mini and the uni adapter for it. Will post my results on saturday or sunday. Here are some pics of my new prize
The first pic is through the tube ovsiously... but if you look carefully about at abou 10:30 position about 2/3 from the center to the periph you can see the only visible blem, it is circular in shape. Other than that just some other pics of my toy :)
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