D-740, a Great Review and Awesome PICS!

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D-740, a Great Review and Awesome PICS!

Postby Clutch » Fri Jan 27, 2006 2:51 pm


I had a customer just sent me some pics and a nice review of a D-740 I just shipped to him. He ordered one of the *special* ITT auction tubes with some incredible specs. I can tell you the pictures, (VERY impressive at that), are in NO way as good as your naked will see down the tube.

Ya know, I gotta say this....I've been telling folk for a long time now after my first Raptor vs. D-760 review more than a year ago that pound for pound, the D-760 and the D-740 with a hand-select tube is the best dedicatd NV rifle scope out there for the money! NOTHING has changed since that time. It's an amazing piece of gear that I'm VERY fortuante not only selling them, but using them as well.

You want high performance, you got it! Check these numbers out!

LP: 64/72 FOM
S/N: 30.2
FOM: 2204.6
EBI: 1.910

"Evening all! I’ve had a chance to play with the D-740 for a few days, and thought I would give my first impressions. First let me state what it’s used for, and why I selected 4x instead of 6x.
First of all, I’m an out of shape, past middle age rancher. Definitely not a high speed / low drag military or LEO guy (although I do fondly remember those military days!). Instead of hunting bad guys, I hunt varmints.
And as you can guess from my job, rancher, I live in rural America. The nearest town of any size is ~18 miles away, and a large town is ~40 miles away, so the only light I have at night is what Mother Nature supplies. To me, that means I’m more interested in light amplification/gain then Halo.
Typically, my primary targets are feral dogs, hogs, coyotes, and the occasional big cat. The terrain is pastures with treed fence lines, so target recognition is always within 400 yards, with the typical shot being less than 150 yards. Many times the tree line is no more then 200 yards away, so FOV is critical. When hunting coyotes, and especially cats, you don’t always have time to “hunt” for the target with your scope. You need to spot your target (I use a Mini-14), transition to your rifle, get the cross hairs on it, and squeeze the trigger.
Since I want a good FOV, and on moonless nights the available light is stars only (remember, I’m rural), the 4x looks better to me then the 6x, hence the selection of the D-740.
So now for my opinion on the scope-
I’m really impressed with the weight, or rather the lack of weight. I had been using a Crusader (Gen 2), and there’s no comparison in the weight department.
Size is another plus, this thing is just not that big. Again, it’s much better then the Crusader. The Crusader was always a little awkward with the rifle slung, but it’s not a problem with the 740.
Sighting the scope in was no problem. The adjustments are positive, with good tactile feedback when turned.
The mount seems to work pretty good. To test return to zero, I dismounted and remounted the scope several times with no appreciable change to point of impact at 100 yards. Having said that, I’m still not convinced the mount will continue to give good service after many mounts/dismounts, so I intend to pick up an ARMS #19 mount and stop worrying about it.
The picture is something to behold! After using Gen 2 for sometime now, the D-740 appears unbelievable to my eyes. The clarity and brightness are something to see on a dark moonless night. The other morning the sky was slightly overcast so no stars were shining through. I turned on my illuminator to scan a field for signs of the cat I had been following, and could pick out a rabbit ~ 200 yards away. About 20 min later I watched a bobcat cross the field about 300 yards away. To me that is truly impressive capability! In both cases I could easily have taken the shot.
I also like the positive nature of the focus. On my Crusader, if you inadvertently bump the focus ring (which happens often when slung) you have to refocus the scope. Not an issue on the 740. The focus knob is on top of the scope, is about the size of the elevation and windage knobs, and has positive clicks to lock the adjustment in. I have yet for the focus to inadvertently move on me. It’s also easy to operate with gloves on, as are the on switch and the reticule intensity controls.
I keep comparing the 740 to the Crusader since that’s what I have. To set the stage, I want to say the Crusader is not a piece of garbage! It’s a effective scope, and has served me very well. It’s just the 740 is that much better!
I find I don’t particularly care for the shuttered eye guard. It seems it’s always a little off center, so consequently I lose some of the sight picture. I talked with Vic about this, and it appears the Magpul PRS stock will go a long ways in correcting the problem. Until I pick up the stock from Vic, I’ll use the scope with the eye guard removed.
I really like the amber reticule. It’s easy on the eyes, is not distracting like the red, and I see the Mil Dot marks better. After one night of flipping between the two, I’ve settled on the amber.
I’ve included a couple of pictures to try and give an idea of how well this scope “sees”. The first picture is of some horses taking a late night snack at the hay feeder. The horses are ~80 yards away, and the moon is ~1/4 full. The trees in the background are ~300 yards away.
The second picture is of the entrance to the ranch. I picked this one since it shows the level of detail this scope is capable of. The gate is ~50 yards away.
The final picture is looking out over one of the pastures. The first fence line is probably 200 yards, and the tree line is ~400 - 450 yards.
If there is interest, I plan to take pictures under different lighting conditions and post to the site, and update my impressions as I log more time with the 740.
I have to say though; my first impression is I’m impressed!"


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