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D-300 3rd generation select alpha

Postby westfork » Tue Jan 24, 2006 10:20 pm

My D-300 3rd generation select alpha arrived from Nightvision Mall today. After limited use tonight I can say I am very impressed.

Tonight there is no moon, just starlight with no light spillover from populated areas. My 145# dog 20 feet away is invisible to the naked eye unless he is against a contrasting background. The D-300 without the illuminator turns the landscape almost into daylight - similar to full moon with 100% snow cover to the naked eye. Cattle are easily visible at 200 yards, small grain bins can be identified well over half mile away. Each outbuilding and tree can be identified at the neighbor's place 3/4 mile away. The whole landscape is discernible out to about a mile, with fencelines, different crop residue shades, rivers, thickets, etc all there just as in daylight. A radio tower 20 miles away stands out like a torch from the red lights that are otherwise barely visible. The stars are amazing.

I had wondered how these units performed looking out through double paned windows. Well, if there is no light in the house, the D-300 does quite well as long as the illuminator is off. The image is not quite as clear as when outside, but is very acceptable.

The IR illuminator is very effective out to about 200 feet with tonight's lighting. It is not needed under these conditions, and really decreases the visibility of everything beyond its range. I have a hard time telling a difference between the low and high settings of the illuminator, maybe because it is not really necessary in full starlight. Indoors the illuminator lights up everything very well. I doubt it will find much use in my applications.

The D-300 feels very solid and the one dial control is simple to use while feeling around in the dark. Easy to focus and I was surprised by the wide range of distance that can be in focus at one time. The view is very clear with only one noticeable aberration, which is fairly large but on the far outer field of view almost touching the perimeter. Best spot to have one as it is really not anywhere near the primary viewing area. Tube has great specs with 2016 FOM, 28 s/n, 0.8 halo, 0.93 EBI. Michael at Nightvision Mall was helpful with my questions and the whole purchasing experience went smoothly. I plan to attach the camera adapter to take some pictures. I will have to first figure out the proper way to remove the eyecup - pull rubber out or detach ring by loosening the small screws? I can't wait to see how the D-300 performs when there is some moonlight. Pictures to follow.
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