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Universal Adapter Review

Postby conan_the_librarian » Thu Sep 08, 2005 6:29 pm

I have had several weeks to test the UA that I purchased (thanks for the advice, Michael) under varied conditions- I used it with a mini-14 attached to a cheapie Tasco 2.5-10X, and an excellent Shepherd 3-10X. I also compared it to using the mini-14 weapon mount in front of an EOTech holo sight and an ATN holo sight. I hope my observations help others:

1. Clarity and focus under various ranges- I was surprised at the function of the mini attached to both scopes. The images were excellent on both scopes to about 6 or 7X in a rural setting with some ambient home and barn lighting distributed about the area. Distance tested was maxed at 300 or so yards. Focus was a two step process involving the scope objective lens, then the scope ocular, then the mini objective and finally the mini ocular. Then I repeated the whole series in the same order in order to max the clarity. Surprisingly, the mini ocular affected the size of the field of view immensely.

2. Contrast- Contrast decreased with magnification. I found that my best performance was when I first acquired an object at low power, then zoomed up. Somehow knowing what was there helped my brain interpret the images. Both scopes were usable at 10X when I did it this way.

3. Effectiveness of the IR- the mini IR washed out everything- of course because the IR illumined the scope ocular. Using an ATN 450 MW IR was highly effective out to 250 yards. Reflective signs and my dog's eyes shined very obviously using the external IR.

4. Ergonomics of the unit was the sole problematic issue. Although the mechanical fit and design of the UA was superb- very solid- the attachment of the unit to a rifle scope lengthened the scope eye relief distance to a point where a standard eye relief mounting distance was unusable. My compromise solution was to move the scope as far forward as possible, then "scrunching" up to get good eye relief with the UA and NVD un-attached. When I attached the UA, I also slipped on a slip on butt pad that added another inch to my length of pull. This compromise was workable, but still a tad uncomfortable. High recoiling weapons are a definite risk for a scope kiss in this set up.

5. The UA itself was designed and built well. It does a good job of trying to compromise. Read Michael's other posts on compromise systems. After reading Michael's posts and comparing them with my hands on experience, Michael is spot-on referring to day/night systems as a compromise and the best solution is to have a dedicated rig for day and one for night. Now if I could only get my wife and budget to agree!

6. OpticsHQ- This place rocks. Good feedback, accurate advice, great customer service. Thanks again to Michael and his advice.

Additional info- My advice is to use the mini with the included weapon mount and a holo sight. The weapon mount clamps on to your picatinny rail. It only takes two "slices" of the picatinny, leaving lots of room for a holo sight in front. The mini mount lines up perfectly with the image of the eotech sights. Perfectly. Using the ATN sight is awkward in that the ATN has the controls closest to the shooter's eye, vice the holo glass, as the eotech does. This increases the distance between the two, effectively reducing your field of view. The ATN also did not line up with the mini's mount, causing the cross hair to be in the lower third of the mini's view.

That being said, the multiple, switchable reticle of the ATN was superior to the eotech's single dot-in-a-circle.

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