Atn Mini 14 select alpha/handselect tube recieved

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Atn Mini 14 select alpha/handselect tube recieved

Postby aamos_ » Fri Jul 29, 2005 7:01 pm

Pics to follow when adapter arrives next week. The unit arrived early this morning, I am speechless and waiting for the sun to go away. Tube Stats: Thin filmed,signal to noise 27.42, FOM 1974.24, resolution 72lp, Fina_white ....2589.000 :shock: ...EBI 1.460 :D against a white wall my 20/10 vision was able to pick out one visable speck, stareing intently as i said , at a white wall. The unit is flawless and my friend, who just picked himself off the floor and reinstalled his jaw after a brief 30 second session in the pitch blackness of my garage, agrees. It is superb in every detail right down to the impecable and ultra friendly phone service and corespondance i recieved. Ordered unit thursday, arrived friday. Oh sure fed ex rocks no doubt but you michael and those who help there ......deliver professionalism milspec. 8)
Also ordered an eotech 552 , concerning reflecting ir off lens of eotech ....honestly the ir is handy but even in my closet without ir on(cant see hand in front of face my unaided eyes) the unit managed to somehow get light from the doorcrack which wasnt enough to make out text on paper...without the ir on i could see fine in there scary.not much needs be said about the eotech system. I chose the 552 simply cuz i can still fit everything i need on the RAS and i desire the extra large 1100 plus hours of operation ill enjoy with the AA batteries which the mini 14 also can make use of. The Unit is a revision F hws and is marked LAW ENFORCEMENT/MILITARY USE. 8)
Also ordered the ELR ir illuminator....again wow, my garage which has zero light cracks...pitch black, turned to brightday when i turned it on and merley pointed it at my feet...the entire garage lit up like noon fact honestly lol i saw details in my garage with the ELR/mini on in the dark that would be hard to see in the light ...the unit is very powerful imo. I beleive my friend stated it more aptly then i ...i said "remarkable huh?" he replied" unbelievable!", i agree. The unit is very well made and reaking of quality. One question michael or someone there if yah read this ....Is it waterproof/resistant/submersable?
Ordered a Helmet mount and it is a modular design so that the headgear supplied uses the same mount to attach. Going from weapon to headgear to pasgt helmet is all about 2 QD buttons and 15 seconds if yer slow and fumble about.....if not ...5 secs :wink:
Ordered Universal adapter and was assured via timely coorespondance the day i placed order that it was backordered and i would be notified told next week sometime ...when they are avail . When i do get it as i stated ill get some pics with this pinacle quality tube.
Thanks again michael for delivering as promised , you did say youd be sure i was happy and the fact 1 im wearing the bloody thing around my neck atm and its not dark yet and 2 i now hate the sun and 3 my cat is jelous of me atm cuz i can see better .....yup in the garage that was pitch black my cat displayed quite clearly when she didnt look at me norm100% but in the direction of my voice that she couldnt see me or if she could it wasnt well :wink: , while I owned the night.
If you want the best optics for the best price ..(i know i priced every single retailer carring the unit i could find via most wernt even offering data cards on there alpha selects :shock: can you imagine. Whew so glad i ended up here the experience has left me with .....Buyers Glee...yeah that says it. :D

Postby Guest » Fri Jul 29, 2005 10:56 pm

Finally dark out ..took mini out for some trials...again much to my cats disgruntlement...slightly overcast dark enough to where i cannot see wall 10 feet away and with very little detail at 5 feet. Turned unit on and was of course grinning...i turned my attention to my cat who had a grasshopper at deaths door when it bounded away to saftey .....kitty looked in vain all the while i watched the cricket not 8 inches from my cats oblivious nose, cleaning its antennae. the crispness and clarity is AWESOME.
Here is where i am really stunned by the unit, as i pointed the unit skyward have to see it to beleive it, but i could cleary make out the spiral shape and deffinite outline of what im thinken was m31 andromeda galaxy. Not to mention more stars then ive ever seen and objects zipping here and there that my other eye was just not seeing at all. What an amazing unit , cant say enough about it.
The controls in the dark outside walking around with headgear and switching to different modes was a breeze . Ill post some pics when adapters arrive , im hopen to connect it to a 12 inch lens telescope. with the right filter i think i can get some amazing space pics....till then

Re: Atn Mini 14 select alpha/handselect tube recieved

Postby Kalua1969 » Sat Jul 30, 2005 12:03 am

aamos wrote:Is it waterproof/resistant/submersable?


Yes, the unit is weather resistant and waterproof/submersible (down to 2.5 ft. - 3 ft., if I'm not mistaken).

I too was out doing a little stargazing with my AN/PVS-7 Delta late this evening. It's amazing to be able to see things such as faint globular clusters, fuzzy nebulas and tons of high-Earth orbit satellites zipping by... nearly all of which would be un-viewable with only the naked eye.

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Postby Michael » Sat Jul 30, 2005 1:02 pm

The MiNi is actually submersible to 66 feet. The sacrificial windowdemist shield and the windowdemist shield act as diving windows (one of my guys took it scuba diving in Fiji). For those who really want a complete diving set, there is going to be a kit with a diving mask and a bunch of accessories in the near future.
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Postby aamos » Sun Jul 31, 2005 1:19 am

Ah cool , i was reffering to the ELR ir units ability to withstand water exposure, 3 feet is decent should however be much more, what do you think, ? ...but yup i knew my mini is 66 feet proof for an hour ...good stuff. I was board so i attempted to (without scarring my cat) don my M95 finland mask as well as an old issue m17 mask with the mini in tow... :shock: not too bad,would work in a pinch. Im sure if anyone knows its you ....btw unit contiues to amaze me its diffucult to find any area outdoors that challenges it with the IR off.
Hey michael like the dive setup you just mentioned is there a particular rig suited for monocular imagining a mask with a bracket setup to accept unit,eyecup shield and a harness system designed for the support of nvd. just curious 8) . I have 4 things i need to ask yah regarding my unit. I need another head mount adapter the large plastic unit that attaches to my helmet to accept the mini as well and a few additional spare parts as well. A few other things id like to add to adapter shipment . Im avail all day sunday if yah got a sec for a few questions either #. If not ill call monday :)

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