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Night Leopard

Postby Mike Y. » Wed Jun 04, 2003 4:46 pm

Im thinking about getting a Night Leopard for my father for Fathers Day, and one for my mother whose birthday is also near. We live on a farm and we have talked about getting night vision for years. Is the ATN Night Leopard a good first-time night vision? Im looking for ease of use, price(about the price of the Night Leopard), but am looking for decent quality also. Just looking for something to see what is in the fields/woods/around the house at night!
Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance,
Mike Y.
Mike Y.

Postby Michael » Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:06 am

Hello Mike and welcome to our forum. The NightLeopard is a pretty good option, but you may want to consider the MO-21. For only $10.00 more you get better optics and a brighter IR. Over all, I think your parents would be much happier with MO-21. Also, do not forget that you can sign up for a membership (only $5.00) and save 5% on those units ($11.45 each on the MO-21).

Hope this helps.

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night leopard

Postby nkitch » Mon Jan 24, 2005 10:03 pm

:cry: I recently was shipped a Night Leopard from a company located in South San Francisco. The scope appeared to have a scratch or smear across a lens located inside the scope. I sent the scope back with photos of the lens. They sent me another Night Leopard that I received today. The center of the lens inside looks pitted and looks to have small specs of debris inside.

I would like to know if it is reasonable to expect that a new Night Leopard
should have perfectly clear optics. What is the standard in connection with clarity for a first generation night vision scope like the Night Leopard?


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