NZT-2W Rostov Monocular - how to turn it off?

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NZT-2W Rostov Monocular - how to turn it off?

Postby tschiemer » Mon Feb 21, 2005 9:39 pm

I have a new condition NZT-2W monocular.

How do you turn it off?

When I turn it on, the green power light only lights up while I have the power button depressed. If I release the power button, the green light goes out. If I push the power button again, it does not go off.

I have been turning it off by removing the battery.

Reading the owner's manual, in English, it says repeatedly pushing the power button in 8 or so seconds will dim or brighten the view screen. But it says nothing about how to turn it off.

Of the 8 or so night vision units I have had, all high dollar us tube units, excalibur, litton, etc., when you push the power button again, it turns off, but I have only had Gen 3, and this is a Gen 1 unit.

So, how do you turn it off, or is there something wrong with the unit's off position on the switch in all likelihood?

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Postby DougC » Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:34 am

Some less-expensive gen-1's have only a "charge up" button, you press it and hold it in for 5 seconds or so to get the tube charged up to use, and then you can release the button and the tube will function for a minute or two. If the scenery is brighter-lit, the tube charge will fade faster. You just press the button for a few more seconds any time you want to re-brighten it. There is no "off" button or option at all, it doesn't need one. You don't need to take the battery out.
You mostly see this in lesser-expensive gen-1 units that are hand held and have no illuminator that would need to stay powered on all the time.
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