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customs clearance

Postby craig » Sun Mar 28, 2004 8:05 pm

Hi Michael thankyou for your previous prompt reply. I have a further question. I contacted the sales department of night vision mall to ask about airfreight cost. The model i was asking about was ATM voyager generation 2 as recommended by you. The sales sent a reply saying that because there was no data sheet available for this item it may be diffilcult to clear with customs. Could you give me more info on this, and does this mean it is impossible to send this model to Western Australia, or that it will take longer due to the paperwork, and has anyone else had this problem.
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Postby Michael » Mon Mar 29, 2004 12:32 am

The only 2nd generation units that can be exported without a license have to have a tube with specific performance characteristics. The only way to show that the product meets those requirements means that it has to have a tube data sheet. Without that it will require a Commerce Department export license which can take up to 6 months if it will be granted at all.
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Customs clearance

Postby none » Wed Aug 11, 2004 5:45 pm

I used to handle investigations for customs clearance. . . If you know of a retailer in Australia that already has an export license for the items or products in question, your best bet is to approach them. . . When the Department of Commerce gets a customs clearance request, it goes from them to the US State Department, which conducts the investigation in the destination country. This is why a clearance takes so long. . .

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