ATN Night Cougar not behaving

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ATN Night Cougar not behaving

Postby PaulBroz » Sat Sep 03, 2005 7:27 pm

Recieved a ATN Night Cougar second hand off eBay.

Been working fine and was rather pleased with it, however when trying it out last night (taking advantage of the first really dark night in a while) it just conked out on me. Was working fine, then switched it off and removed it from the headset to hand to my brother, who after switching it on complained that he could see nothing.

Had a look at it, swapped out the fresh battery that i had put in for the old one, checked the battery points and nothing.

It would appear that the IR illuminator can be switched on and off after the main power has been depressed, but the screens themselves do not come on.

Still checking with the chap i brought it off to see if he has had a lot of use out of it, but certianly based on the condition of the unit, headset, packaging etc. I wouldn't say so and given how long i've been lead to believe tubes are supposed to last i find age of the tubes to be unlikly, espechially as there has been no percieved prior degredation in quality from what I have been told to expect from Gen 1+.

Any ideas or advice?
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Postby Michael » Sun Sep 04, 2005 2:36 pm

That sounds like a power supply problem. You would have to return the unit to the manufacturer (ATN, ) for repairs
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