Opinions on PVS14 purchase

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Opinions on PVS14 purchase

Postby truthseekers » Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:20 pm

I am thinking of purchasing a PVS14 as I have been very impressed by the ITT 160 unit i have and have been thinking that I need more lp/mm for photo video work and also i need to be able to attach a camera properly. The Itt160 doesnt have any rings to screw bits onto eyepiece end.

I just wondered if anyone thought there was a particular good type of PVS14 I need. Is the manual gain feature control knob needed or useful or would a PVS with just on off be as effective. Some units are marked as "Pinnacle" tubes. Is there a marked difference between those and any other tube type?

One seller has said his tube is AG rated which is supposed to mean "Advanced Grade or Advanced Generation" the seller tells me. What is advanced grade is that good or entry level?

Basically I want to get something for around $2500 and want the most resolution possible with a good tube. Is there a general guide for which tubes to look out for as good ones and which ones to avoid?

Also I am interested in PVS14 because it seems to be a very servicable item which I could always get repaired and lots of people seem to sell parts. Are there any things I should be asking a seller apart from does it have marks on the tube and how many hours does it have.

because I am wanting a large image eye piece is there any difference in types of eyepiece you get and one more suited to video/photo work? Or are they basically all the same types of eyepiece?

Any help appreciated.
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Re: Opinions on PVS14 purchase

Postby efahrenholz » Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:02 am

You are asking the right question for someone on this forum who happens to sell night vision. I'm sure he will give you some good advice and help you choose--but I personally think that if you are planning on spending $2500 for a pvs-14 you will end up getting something outstanding regardless.
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Re: Opinions on PVS14 purchase

Postby MacRae » Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:31 pm

agreed. I have a version of each. SAR1 NQ6015(orange version made for our SAR tec's in Canada) and ANPVS14(milspec). Unless you are in really bright urban areas the gain control does not matter. Either way you will be VERY happy. The only other option my SAR1 does not have that the PVS14 does is the auto shutoff when on a "J" arm helmet mounted.
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