Shooting with 3x on a headmounted NV?

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Shooting with 3x on a headmounted NV?

Postby asnake » Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:35 pm

Hello all :-)
as you can see in here:
i was thinking about using a headmounted NV with a aimpoint or an eotech on a gun.

Got me an eotech... thx for the tipps :-)
I m really happy with it...

I would be happy about your experience with that -> does the 3x magnification on the headmounted NV
result in aiming/shooting mistakes or not?
Thanks for you answers
a snake
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Re: Shooting with 3x on a headmounted NV?

Postby crye-baby » Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:12 pm

It does sound like a very hard to use setup there. Shooting with a headmounted NOD is already daunting enough, much less adding a few extra inches to the system with a 3x mag- unit. If you mean a 3x aimpoint mag mounted behind the eotech on your weapon that poses its own set of problems. No easy way around it either. my solution, sell the 3x & eotech then buy a DBAL I2 IR Laser.
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Re: Shooting with 3x on a headmounted NV?

Postby asnake » Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:06 am

Thx for your answer
the problem is that lasers are illigal here as well as a mounted NV on a gun...
Just headmounted NV is legel... don t ask why, who can understand governments :oops: :lol:
An 3x mag- unit does not fit at the gun :(
I hope for more informations
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Re: Shooting with 3x on a headmounted NV?

Postby efahrenholz » Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:14 am

What you want to do within your legal limits is going to be difficult to handle. Wearing anything that is designed to zoom is going to be disorienting and using it to shoot through another scope is going to depend on if the optics cooperate. It's just not going to be efficient enough for you but I suppose you could get used to it with practice. Seems like your government doesn't want you hunting at night and they adjusted the laws to prevent it.
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Re: Shooting with 3x on a headmounted NV?

Postby asnake » Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:59 am

It seems so...
the gov (germany) does not allow to install NV on guns for hunting, or lasers on guns, even flashlights on guns are not allowed...
like full auto guns, silencer... -> all forbidden (Only free for police or army). Semi auto guns are allowed but just with a 2 round mag! lol
The weapons / hunting laws here are really hard and every time when some crime is done with a gun, everybody in the news screams out loud to bann all guns and the government grows more stupid... But no one seems to care about driving cars here on highway with 240 km/h or faster (its legal!)... or thousands of dead because of cars...
The car-lobby in Germany is even more powerful than the gun-lobby in usa :-) but we have no lobby for guns or hunters here...
(btw we have more illigal guns here than legal ones, but on one seems to care, because it would take more policemen to work on that, and thats more expensive than make hard laws for hunters and sportshooters)

Even the hunters are in two groups -> the traditional hunters with big (8x56) scopes say NO to all kind of NV because of too much technics
and the modern hunters who say "Why not use all technic" so we can do better shots... and scopes are technics too... (<- thats where i am)

-> So its really hard to get the pigs / hogs, when they just get out at night...
I want to hunt at night too and do a good shot -> just one perfect shot

So please, if someone can help me with the question -> does a 3x mag on NV (headmounted) result in bad shots? Because its not perfect installed the same way when i put it on or off...?

I like that:
Dont trust an government that don't trust its own citizen with guns...
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Re: Shooting with 3x on a headmounted NV?

Postby Snake » Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:48 am

One way to to do this is to have Aimpoint M4 or similar and 1x NV monocular on your head. Takes a bit of a practise to get it working, but it is fully possible to shoot this system nearly as well as in daylight. You will not have magnification, but with hogs that shouldn't be too big of a problem.
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