Rostov Cyclop NS3 Tube burnt out?

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Rostov Cyclop NS3 Tube burnt out?

Postby zoeper » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:21 pm

Hi Guys,
I was gifted a Rostov Cyclop NS3 Rifle scope. The scope comes on, but the gain seems to be very low.
Looking through the scope I can see no more than what you would see through normal binoculars.
The scope is topped with a small IR illuminator, but the latter does not seem to function at all.
When I got the scope it did not have any cover for the objective lens and I assume it is quite possible that it was operated in daylight without being covered.

How can I determine if this is a Gen 1 or gen 2 version? (the tube seems to be potted into the center section with the reticle etched onto the tube itself, so no markings can be seen)
What should the gain typically be on a unit like this? (presumably better than day binoculars?)
Does a burnt out tube lose ability to amplify light, or does it die completely?

Would it be feasible to fit a new tube to the unit, or is there a chance that the gain could be adjusted/ restored?
What is the IR emitting element in the illuminator ,and can replacements be sourced? Or maybe it can be retrofitted with a better replacement?

I would like to restore this unit and use it when hunting and trapping feral hogs.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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