Development of US made Gen "0" and Gen "1" infrared NVG.

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Development of US made Gen "0" and Gen "1" infrared NVG.

Postby steelpot » Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:36 am


I'm new to this forum and although not a NV user myself, I'm a historian investigating development of the US made Gen "0" and Gen "1" infrared NVG. I hope there is someone here who can help me finding more details related to the Infrared Night Vision Driving Binoculars, developed by the of 1950s and tested in Vietnam in the 1967. According to my research, they did not served long and in 1970s were replaced by the SU-50 Electronic Binoculars. I'm looking for anyone who is interested in collecting these types of historical artifacts, who used them in the past and/or who could potentially add some related info. The story of the AN/PVS-2 Starlight scope is well know and widely published, but I'm heaving really hard time with these early "0" generation active devices. If you interested in this subject or have one of them in your collection, please reply here or send me a message. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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