PVS 7A tube in a PVS 7B housing

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PVS 7A tube in a PVS 7B housing

Postby lysergic » Fri May 30, 2014 7:33 am


I'm using a pvs 7A M872 tube in a pvs 7B housing.
To do this, I removed the two tube contactor pins from housing, and I soldered additional wires from green and white ones then to the tube.
It works, but I don't think such a modification is very elegant...

Then I saw this picture (posted by "1paintball" on ar15.com) :

It's a pvs 7A xx1450 tube that has been adapted to fit a pvs 7 B contactors.
So, I want to do the same thing on mine. It looks like the guy simply took some brass foil , and soldered pins on it, then put the tube in the housing.

But it also looks like he had to mill some of the tube plastic to fit the brass in it.
PVS 7A tubes are longer than PVS 7B tubes. I don't know if the screen will stil be in collimator focus if I let the housing contactors pins in place...

Has somebody ever done this modification ?

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