PVS-5 issues

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PVS-5 issues

Postby Area51 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:24 pm

I have a pair of PVS-5 goggles that I I bought as-is not tested because of the battery being of the harder to find military type.
After locating a couple of the special batteries I tried to power up the unit but (as I sort of expected) they did not work. The batteries have some power as the IR lamp works (as tested with another, working NV device) but the only image I get from the tubes themselves is a very, very faint green glow. I can not see anything through them, no change in brightness when in a dark or lit room. It is like looking into a very dead flashlight lens with green filters.
I have read the manuals and searched online for what this might indicate but haven't come up with any answers.
Does anyone know if this is a symptom of low power supply, shot potting or loss of pressure/vacuum in the tubes?
Any help would be appreciated.
The tubes are MX9916.
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