Lucie N/V goggles full kit for sale

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Lucie N/V goggles full kit for sale

Postby douglee223 » Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:55 am

Hello,i have a set of genuine French Thales Angenieux Lucie gen2+ night vision goggles for sale, these come with the factory fitted photonis xd 4, 60 lp/mm tube in very low hour excellent condition,the performance and egronomics are superb,you can see to the horizion and work well in near pitch black conditions and on moonlit nights it is like green daylight,please see second image below taken through the goggles,with a cheap i/r illuminator you get eye shine on a fox at over 500 metres . The tube is mark free and works better than some gen3 mil spec tubes I have seen,i own a gated pvs 14 so I have a good comparison, for walking/driving/map reading there is nothing to touch the lucies in these applications and they have a 51 degree field of view,i have also used these in conjunction with an eotech holographic sight to where you wear the goggles normally and just raise the rifle and shoot these goggles come with the full kit inc headmask helmit mount/straps, soft carry case/bag.
These goggles are used issued to French special forces and other allied nato forces. These nvg are very hard to obtain from france.
£ 2750.00 inc royal mail fully insured track and trace special delivery please see images below. I am open to offers, try me?
Main Features
• Magnification 1x: Field of view 51°
• Magnification 4x: Field of view 9°
• Magnification 5x: Field of view 10°
• Magnification 6x: Field of view 8.5°
• Intensifier tube: 2nd Gen., XD4, XR5 with autogaging (option) or 3rd Gen. tube. Automatic brightness control
• Typical on-axis resolution at optimum light level: 1.0 cycles/mrd with XD4 tube (60 Ip/mm). 1.1 cycles/mrd with XR5 tube (72 Ip/mm)
• Dioptre adjustment: -5 to +3 dioptres
• Interpupillary distance: 56mm to 74mm
• Eye relief: >17mm
• Focus range: 20cm to infinity
• Goggle weight (with battery): <435g
• Power supply: (1) standard 1.5V or 3.6V (Lithium) AA battery, 1.2V rechargeable battery
• Size: 126 x 74.5 x 68mm
• Operating time at 20°C:
• Standard tube: 1.5V battery, 45 hours
• Standard tube: 3.6V battery, 70 hours
• Autogating tube: 1.5V battery, 25 hours
• Autogating tube: 3.6V battery, 40 hours
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C
• Storage temperature: -51°C to +65°C
• Water Immersion: 1 metre for 2 hours (navy version on request)
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Re: Lucie N/V goggles full kit for sale

Postby douglee223 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:43 am

I am open to offers?
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Re: Lucie N/V goggles full kit for sale

Postby Widerhall » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:42 pm

Still available?
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