Sightmark ghost hunter or armasight opmod?

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Sightmark ghost hunter or armasight opmod?

Postby c0de » Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:37 am

Im looking at a lot of gen 1 nvd's. And for some reason, the sightmark ghost hunter 1x24 stuck out to me the most. It has a automatic shut off if too much light is exposed, and a 3 year tube warranty.

Looking around a bit more, I'm starting to take a liking to the armasight opmod too. But it only has a 2 year warranty, and I'm not sure about the auto shut off feature.

So does anyone have any insight or experience on either of these products?
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Re: Sightmark ghost hunter or armasight opmod?

Postby cj7hawk » Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:05 pm

Generally, Gen1 is considered to be a toy. It's not very useful, however you look at it. Gen2 and Gen3 provide something like a thousand times more gain and where NV is concerned, Gain is critical.

I would recommend that you investigate Gen2 and Gen3 for your purpose before buying Gen1.

To put it into context, if you need a car and can't afford a car, then buying a bicycle makes sense... Unless you're planning on taking long trips.

Gen 2/3 is the car, Gen1, the bicycle.

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