Cultural differences

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Cultural differences

Postby IHJ » Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:45 pm

I have been painfully aware that a couple of 'you chaps' (Tally Ho! etc) have recently ventured onto the other side of the Atlantic, Forum wise 8) (my side, in fact).

Please be aware of these warnings...

>it can be quite 'rowdy'

>They dont know you & will happily attempt to 'hack you off at the knees' :P whatever your knowledge on NV.

>We have an equal % of 'mentally challenged' people as the US, but for some reason most of ours visit NV Forums (dunno why???).

>Never put up or even allude to any pics/vids of just about/going through/or in fact, now dead animals.

>Last one, promise :lol: Silence is Golden 8)
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Re: Cultural differences

Postby Dino1130 » Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:55 pm

It is a tuff place at times. I think the answer is to just stick to night vision talk regardless of what else is posted. Which I will do from now on ! The time out you received was not fair in my opinion. I spoke with Gary C and explained some things to try and get him to reverse his decision. He will not. He was polite but wants to make some examples to weed out the troublemakers and calm it down. Nothing wrong with this as long as the correct troublemakers get weeded out .He got the right guy but drug two down that did little except try and get the guy to calm down and actually READ the post.

Please don't get yourself in any hot water on my behalf. I can handle the trolls. A few idiots with an agenda can really make it hard on the rest. I am sorry this happened IAN. I will be sticking to places I fully understand for awhile and let it cool down a bit over at the rowdy place. Like this side of the pond there are a few who just want to argue. I did not post the hunting video with thermal and did not realize it was a violation of the rules or I would not have commented. :|
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Re: Cultural differences

Postby IHJ » Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:04 am

Hi Dean, no worries as I shouldn't have responded to the troll :roll: I was too slow with my factual answer to him & when I did post it I saw he'd just posted some Political Advice !

I think he was drunk at the keyboard.

My last point (above) was meant to read 'there is an approx 8 hour time difference between the US & the UK, use it to your advantage' 8)

(and dont do as I did) :?
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