Chinese Type-69 sight ID and Pic request

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Chinese Type-69 sight ID and Pic request

Postby MCGunner » Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:47 pm

Does anyone have any idea what this sight is called. (A proof source would be appreciated as well.)


I have narrowed it down to it not being any of the below:

1. 69-40 HPJ Type I (PGO-7 clone)
2. 69-40 HPJ Type II (")
3. 69-40 HPJ Type III (")
4. RS1 (")
5. 69-40A HPJ Type I
5. RS3
6. RS3A
7. RS3B

It obviously mounts in the "normal" way but it is very tall and appears to have two sight lenses / planes. Although from this view, it appears to be possibly attached to the rear flip-up iron sight, it is not.

Also, does anyone have a good picture of the RS3A IDF sight. I have a few but none really show the differences between it and the RS3B.

As always, and help would be appreciated.

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