Rare Startron MK428R with reticle

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Rare Startron MK428R with reticle

Postby falcom » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:47 pm

I picked this up on ebay because I had not come across one before. It is similar to the Startron MK428 but has a smaller lens, provision for scope mounting and an external projection type reticle.
The tube was a run of the mill gen 2 and not the gen 3 plus 1 normally found on the MK428. I dont think the tube was replaced because it has a mask glued to the output window.

It is probably 1995-199 vintage as it has the PVS-4 AA battery housing.
The reticle projector use a single CR123 battery. The battery /tube housing has the switches and connections for the normal PVS4 reticle connector though it is not used.
The lens is a standard Startron 135mm lens. The reticle adapter is the large outer ring which is held in place with set screws.
Since it is an oddball I will probably part it out for parts


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