You Have to Learn

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You Have to Learn

Postby Gen1madman » Sun Jun 04, 2017 6:19 pm

After being involved with NV for several years, I learned an old lesson. Like everything else "technical" you have to learn
to use it. I once got a "Big Ear" auditory parabolic and I thought that when I got it, I'd simply be able to "hear" conversations
from 100 yards away. What I actually found was that I heard everything between here and 100 yards away. I had to learn to
filter out unwanted noise and eventually I was able to use the "Big Ear" more like it was intended. Of course the blurb said I'd be able to hear like superman immediately.
Then I got involved in geiger counter technology. Again, yes you could hear the clicks and discern whether an object was
"radioactive". But was it active in the Alpha range, the Beta range or the Gamma range. Was alpha more dangerous than Beta or was it gamma the great kill-all? You have to learn all this and more.
My point is I see more than one post here that seems to imply that you simply buy a gen 1, 2, or 3 and you will have eyes like superman. Nope. Like the above examples and many more, you have to learn to use it. You can't see the neighborhood tomcats. Maybe it's the sodium arc-lights that are in the neigborhood are drowning you out.
"My girlfriend stood at the end of a football field and I couldn't recognize anything but that it was a femal"
"The wind was blowing and I couldn't see if the fox was moving or not".
My point is that you have to learn to use what you have. Nothing is magic: "I just put on these goggles and I can see
civilians and then I see combatants and I immediately know the difference".
My simple suggestion is that we learn to use what we've got. Any night vision aid is an improvement the members who say
"I could see better with my own eyes not withstanding.
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Re: You Have to Learn

Postby Tracer » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:04 am

Thread bump. I agree with what you are saying. I find it personally interesting to explore and learn the strengths, limitations, and weaknesses of everything.

I obtained a Fero-Z51 recently and have been taking it out almost every night trying it out and seeing where it functions best and where it doesn't in the urban & marine environment. So far i'm learning what I feel is a lot. This unit is far different from the Bushnell gen-1 monoculars i've played with and even better than a PVS-2 I handled many years ago (I suspect it may have had a weak tube). I never would have thought that there existed a gen-1 unit that did not need supplimental IR to be usefull. To think I almost passed over the sellers ad as it was initially advertised as s PVS-1.

Anyways, I've had to learn to interpret what I see through the imager of a world of green and contrasts instead of the usual full spectrum of colour our eyes normally use. Very fun. ☺
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