Newbie help, looking to buy

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Newbie help, looking to buy

Postby TacRedline » Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:27 am


Just to introduce myself I am prior service Army (11c) and I have a couple gen 1 NVGs and a Gen 1 rifle scope. I have a NOROTOS RHINO MOUNT and arm already. Also have a DBAL clone for my rifles (5.56, 300 blk).

I'm ready to buy a new Gen3+ Monocular. I have read the NVG faq and have browsed the forums a bit. A great warranty and establised dealer who can back that it is my highest priority.

Is PVS-14 the standard or most common system in production in the USA? I like having the most common / item.

Who are the reputable dealers? Do they have sales? Links would be awesome.

PVS14 can be mounted on a picatinny rail? I'd like that mount too.

Links to educational articles are much appreciated!

This was my best find at $3300 (10 year warranty! (Through company of manufacturer?) Generation 3 Pinnacle tube) but this company has about 12 versions of Gen 3 PVS14s. I'm not sure the value of 'variable gain' for an extra $1600. Has a draw back I see? "The thinner film of PINNACLE tubes does have a single drawback: it is more prone to damage from higher recoil when weapon-mounted above 5,56 systems." Guess no 300 blk then? What about subsonic 300 blk? ... -standard/

Ah, I see, this is from Night Vision Depot. They a good company? ... 16fd43adaa

Or maybe this one for $3600? Warranty is only 5 Years (Tube), 3 Years (System) though ... monocular/

Thank you!
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