Looking for gen 2, gen 3 goggles.

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Looking for gen 2, gen 3 goggles.

Postby EU-LTU » Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:48 pm


Looking for used gen 2, gen 3 goggles in Europe.
Budget 1000-1300 eur.

Or not working or for parts older pvs-7 module. Price negiotable.

Maby goggles widthout tube can be exportable from us ?


Or maby anyone know any websites in Europe who offering similar ?
Probably will be easier to 3d print the mold and starting to make your own gen2+ home made goggles from painted fiberglass frame and some ebay purchased rubber, optics and plastic elements for batteries who will not reach 1300 eur price range :D
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