PVS-14 ocular back focal length

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PVS-14 ocular back focal length

Postby Boatswain » Wed Jan 14, 2015 3:34 pm

For a DIY-project, can anyone tell what is the back focal length of the PVS-14 ocular?
(I name it PVS-14 ocular, but I think it is the same for AVS6, AVS9, Envis and probably more devices.)

In all specifications on the wide web, the focal length is 25mm. But I like to know the back focal length.
With back-focal length I mean the distance of air between outer side of intensifier tube and first glass surface of the ocular lens assembly.
I think this back-focal-length is a property of the ocular lens, so stays the same for any used focal length objective lens.
Because of diopter adjustment, I hope to find a bit more precise then only back focal length. Actually I would like to know;

What back focal length max in and max out (-2/+6) is used with the PVS-14 ocular supplied devices?

I think the ocular comes in 18, 25 and 30mm diameter of lens for the first element to the observers eye.
I assume they are fully interchangable between devices, same field of view and back focal length?
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