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ATN update

Postby Michael » Wed Feb 01, 2006 1:11 pm

NightVisionMall is no longer carrying ATN product and is having a clearance sale on remaining stock (in my opinion the price being what these products SHOULD be sold at).

Why? and ATN have terminated their relationship, due to several reasons some of which are shared below and some of which we will not disclose here due to business ethics. We do however, want to educate our customer base as to why we no longer carry this line:

It is our company policy and ultimate goal to provide a reliable, high quality product to our customers and a level of knowledge and customer service not seen in the industry... after all, some people's lives depend on these products. We work rigorously with all our vendors to make sure the products we ship are up to our specs and our customers’ expectations. As many of you know we stock NV tubes, assemble our own military grade units and work very closely with our vendors to make sure the quality of the product is unsurpassed. With that said, ATN product, while acceptable (up to a certain price point) did not meet our quality standard. We worked closely with ATN and supplied them with NightVisionMall high end Image Intensifiers Tubes and for a while it seemed like we were on the right path. Over time, we kept experiencing problems with delivery, quality and pressure to sell product that was sub par. We made several attempts to help ATN improve the quality of their product but in the end it was all about selling in numbers vs. selling quality.

Will warranties still be honored?

Yes! All warranties will be honored by ATN &

What kind of products do we have left?

All the products that we have in inventory are ATN products assembled to NightVisionMall specs, rigorously tested for proper performance/quality, and (in the case of generation 3 units) assembled with NightVisionMall’s exclusive ITT Select Alpha Tubes with ITT Test Data Cards.

Check out the for the pricing information, but please contact us prior to placing the order to check on availability.
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