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A few Facts about this Forum

Postby Michael » Sun Jan 29, 2006 5:15 pm

This forum has been created to improve night vision knowledge, dispel a number of myths, provide a medium for NV users to share the experience, and to generally help out those on a quest to “own the night”. It is being run solely at the expense (both monetary and time invested) of OpticsHQ and NightVisionMall.

It is NOT (as some people seem to believe) free means of advertising for dealers (and those associated with them whether openly or not), place to vent your “pet peeves”, meaningless statements, attempts to stir up useless controversy, or ignorant accusations with no bases in fact. This type of behavior WILL NOT be tolerated. The posters participating in such will be banned and their posts deleted.

I do not claim to know everything there is to know about night vision (although my experience exceeds majority of those who make such a claim). I have always welcomed INTELLIGENT discussion. However, in order to be such, the participants have to examine all the information presented, the facts and proofs that this information is based on, and, in case of disagreement/correction/rebuttal, present some sort of factual basis for their argument, not to mention their qualifications to make such.

Throughout this forum’s existence, there continues to be a number of so called “experts” who persist in making wild statements, innuendos, presenting meaningless arguments, taking statements out of context, refusing the common courtesy of actually reading (or maybe it is a case of not even understanding) the statements they are arguing about, and making a general nuisance of themselves. And all of this is happening without a shred of supporting facts, without a single statement of how they are qualified to make those statements, and all the while hiding behind an anonymous “Guest” status. Choosing the name “expert” does not make one.

My requirements are very reasonable and should be understood by anyone with a shred of common sense (I hate the fact that there should even be a need for such a post). If you do not like it, do not post. If you choose to ignore it, you will be banned and your comments deleted. I am not going to let a few “bad apples” to disrupt rather then contribute to this forum.

And now it is time to stop preaching :)
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