New member with questions !!!!

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New member with questions !!!!

Postby mp5black » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:53 am

Hello ya'll......yes im from the south!!!
First of all as I read the forum I I find it to be a wealth of information!! every time I look around the forum I learn something new.
My story starts off with buying the Russian goggles many many years ago and kept upgrading as I went along. Night vision is like a out of control infection with me!! My wife often ask "what is it that you do in your man cave", I respond just tinkering.
Now I have a pile of an/pvs-2's,TVS-2's,pvs-4's,TVS4/5's several 3 stage cascade tubes including a couple of PH8079's ....waiting on the right optics to come along for them although can put them in some of my assorted housings and add some type of retical.
I did just come across a VVS-2 that I would swear must have MX11620 3rd gen tube in it???? it is so crisp and clear!!
I do need to move some of these redundant items to a new owner ( need some man $$$ for new DIY NV builds) maybe y'all can suggest a good place to list such items. I would love to find one of the huge 40mm cascade tubes if anyone knows where to point me. Also the VVS-2 drivers NV unit I would welcome any input if it is possibly a 3rd gen unit.....several years ago I came across a VVS-2 and removed the 9966 tube for one of my other projects,I would really hate to break this one down just to confirm what tube is in it .. I know the focal length is very critical on them and just do not want to tear it down just to end up with focus issues.
Thanks everybody for listing to me ramble!!!
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